Nick Russell
Sr. Business Value Manager

San Diego, CA

Communication and relationships are critical to team success.



Jonathan Lambert

Owner/CEO WorkHabit, Inc.

"I've been Nick's boss at Workhabit for many years, which has afforded me the pleasure of working with him to expand his considerable technical talent and career. He's one of the most stand up, talented individuals I've ever had the chance to work with in the near two decades I've worked in technology.

Nick is honest, hard working, intelligent, and has consistently pushed himself personally and professionally to become one of the leading technical talents at Workhabit. His focus on high standards has been an essential part of establishing a national reputation for the company, and he consistently exceeds the high expectations of our sometimes extremely demanding brand clients for consistent, high quality communication and timely delivery. Nick also does what he says he is going to do, and makes sure he understands what he's doing before he carries it out, which takes real skill and is a difficult trait to come by.

I cannot recommend Nick enough as an employee, or as someone you can trust and rely on as a friend. He's one of those people you work with that makes you feel lucky that you took the risk to build your business, because it gave you the chance to find and collaborate with people as engaged and passionate as Nick."

Ben Allgood

Engagement Management at Acquia

"Nick is the powerhouse you need behind you on complicated projects. He has great abilities in actual development as well as breaking down the barriers of communication to advance projects forward. A true expert."

Kelley Kerscher
@Tristar Intl.

Owner/CEO Tristar International Forwarding, Inc.

"I worked with Nick on the entire process of creating a corporate website for my company. He was extremely professional, easy to work with, and had current, exciting ideas about how to make our website work for us. He also was open to listening to our ideas and incorporating them so that the finished product was a perfect representation of our company. I highly recommend Nick and know that if you hire him you will not be disappointed."

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, loyalty, and persistence.


Working Experience

Jul 2018 - Present

Sr. Business Value Manager

Project oversight, client engagement, architecture strategy and execution, practice development and technical processes. Identifying opportunities for growth, architecting technical solutions and strategizing in new and creative ways to make companies more successful leveraging Confluent's complete, open, trusted, and enterprise real time streaming platform.

Jun 2016 - Present

Sr. Technical Solutions Manager

Responsible for supporting our professional services business in North America, from acquisition through to success.

Mar 2015 - May 2016

Technical Lead US West

Lead internal technical teams of some of the best talent in the Drupal and web development communities (from both Acquia and their top-notch partners around the world). Contribute and help government, academic institutions, and large and small businesses to make the most of the power of Drupal and open source.

Dec 2013 - Feb 2015

Technical Architect

Develop world class Drupal solutions for some of the most impressive and awesome clients in the world, which include large television networks, worldwide gaming and entertainment industries as well as industry leading automotive manufacturing companies.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Build Killer Web Experiences
  • Migrate Sites to Drupal
  • Tune and Improve Drupal Implementations
  • Advise On All Things Drupal and Web Architecture

OCT 2008 - November 2013

Director of Delivery + Lead Drupal Developer

As Director of Delivery, responsibilities include overseeing and leading development teams through the entire Development Life Cycle of projects built on Drupal. WorkHabit specializes in developing enterprise solutions for primarily media based agencies looking to gain a financial, social and marketing edge over the competition and my primary focus is to facilitate that demand.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Architect and Develop Drupal Solutions (custom modules, core patches, etc)
  • Code Review and Analysis
  • Client Management
  • Team Management
  • Time/Task Management
  • Resource Allocation

Clients / Projects

  • Magic The Gathering -
  • AAA (NCNU)
  • Vibe Magazine -
  • Atari -
  • Shape -
  • OK! Magazine -
  • Star Magazine -
  • Fit Pregnancy -
  • Country Weekly -
  • Flex Online -
  • National Enquirer -
  • Natural Health Magazine -
  • Muscle and Fitness Hers -
  • Muscle and Fitness -
  • Mens Fitness -
  • Radar Online -
  • Atari -
  • Social Media Club -
  • American Film Market (AFM) -
  • Independent Film and Television Alliance -
  • Major League Soccer -
  • Workhabit -

MAR 2009 - JUN 2009

Senior PHP/Drupal Developer

Assisted in the development and maintenance of 2 Drupal 5.x based websites:


All development utilized the Drupal 5.x Framework, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML and CSS. Inner relations and constant communication between the technical team and the design team within the company where needed to develop specific elements and tools needed by the IDEA Staff for efficiency in production and revenue.

Although this was only a few month gig, the amount of MySQL knowledge I gained here truly accelerated my career and confidence in the realm of DB integration. This was a fantastic opportunity and without it, I would not have the level of confidence or skillset that I have today.

MAR 2007 - SEP 2008

Senior PHP/Drupal Developer

My responsibilities at Achieve Internet where to develop and maintain multiple Drupal 5.x / 6.x based web applications for the social media industry. Responsibilities included hands on management throughout entire development life cycle both directing developers and working with the client to insure each product was delivered on time and remained in budget.

Clients / Projects

Below lists a few of the clients that I personally had the pleasure of working with at Achieve Internet.

  • Fast Company
  • Experian
  • Disney
  • NBC Universal
  • Univision
  • Lifetime Television
  • NAMM Music
  • Frank Sinatra

JAN 2006 - MAR 2007

Graphic Artist/Jr. PHP Developer

During the first 6 months at Apartments 24-7, my primary duties where to trace maps, floor plans and other graphics with Illustrator, design corporate layouts for different apartment complexes and work inside an in-house CMS to develop apartment sites to represent locations.

During this time period, I begin studying PHP quite heavily and was ultimately offered a Jr. PHP Developer position focused on fixing and enhancing Apartments 24-7's in house CMS. I strictly worked with PHP and MySQL, but learned the foundation of OOProgramming and database integration/management.

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination.



San Diego, CA
2003 - 2005

Graphic Design/Web Development/3D Animation/Media

Trained in Graphic Design, Logo Creation, Font Management & Web Development. Platt College really goes the extra mile in providing small, personal, one on one classes. It truly was the educated staff and personal experience that kicked off my career and love for what I do!